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Monday, February 21, 2011


So today my AMAZING Hubby started a blog. Here it is:
Told you he's AMAZING! :)

Anyways, I hopped over here to look around and I was SHOCKED! I have not blogged since Thanksgiving! How can that be??? I am going to attempt to catch you up on the past few months...

Thanksgiving morning Daddy went to Tokyo again...we missed him TONS and had freakishly cold weather while he was gone. We kept busy and went to lots of festivals and fun stuffs while he was gone. We also joined the Y and began an exercise obsession. They have a zip line, rock climbing wall and playground inside, not to mention gymnastic stuffs and tons of toys...ABC loves it as much as I love sweating it up! :) Speaking of the boys, to this day ABC thinks the whole reason Daddy goes to Tokyo is to buy them stuff. And with as much stuff as he brought them(us) back, I am starting to believe it myself, ha ha! The day he came back he barely made it home. A blizzard hit Chicago, his layover and I believe his plane was one of very few that made it out! We finally reunited at the airport at 2am! That was the latest ABC has stayed up, but they did great! We are sooooo happy he's home!

We had an amazing Christmas!!! I think we all actually had bronchitis and Brody woke up at 5am with a fever. I thought he had gone back to sleep at 5:15 when I heard him yell, "GUYS! IT'S CHRISTMAS!!! SANTA CAME I SAW IT, LET'S GO OPEN OUR PRESENTS!!!" So, what do you do after that? They outnumber us, remember??? Despite the sickies and the super early morning, we had a BLAST! There is nothing like Christmas with three four year olds, it's a gift in itself!!!

New Year's Eve, we had a little party at home with just us. After we snacked and played, we shot off a few fireworks and then drove out to the beach to watch the big ones at Midnight over the Atlantic Ocean! It was surreal. As we were driving out there, visibility was awful, you could barely see the road, fog was just thickening with every second. We were sitting on the beach unable to see each other when the fog cleared. It seriously cleared just in time for the fireworks and then came back when they were over. God blessed us with a beautiful start to the New Year that we'll never forget!

I have to run, more updates in a bit!
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!
Nighty-Night! :)