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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Another Day!

I am so going to miss having Dove home when he goes back to work next week. It's been so nice to have so much family time. Today we got the boys new shoes which are adorable, went to the guitar store for Daddy, played at the softplay at the mall and went to McDonald's for dinner. I know, bad mommy for feeding them that. They love it though and Wednesday's are family day so we go every once in awhile and enjoy it. They love it! I can't wait to see what fun we will have tomorrow!

Monday, September 3, 2007


I can't believe time has slipped by so fast. A year ago today we were celebrating having spent our first night as family all at home, all together. God is so amazing and has blessed us more than we ever dreamed possible. Lex came home first on September 1, 2006 after we roomed in for a night with him at the hospital. He was in the hospital for 2 weeks and 4 days. Brody and Collin were supposed to stay for a few more days or a week. The next morning we got a call at 8am saying they could come home that afternoon. They came home September 2, 2006 after 2 weeks and 5 days in the hospital. They were born at 32 weeks gestation and come home at 34 weeks, 4 days and 34 weeks, 5 days. They would not start bottle feeds until they hit the 34 week mark(babies do not have the suck, swallow, breath reflex until then), so it was pretty amazing that they came home that quickly after. They start with one bottle feed a day and then add the others on slowly. Our boys were starving, ha ha!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Can we sleep tonight?

Poor Brody has been sick for the last few days. Running a low fever, not sleeping well and really cranky. He has gotten so many teeth lately and I can feel his one year molars so I thought that is what has been going on. Today he has been grabbing at his ear all day though and his fever was a little higher, so I will probably take him to the Dr in the morning if he is still not well. He has also not been able to sleep at night for the past couple of nights, which mean Mommy and Daddy have not been able to sleep either. Or for that matter, Lex, Collin and Indy as well. I gave him Motrin around 6 and he was asleep by 6:45, so we will see. If you get a chance say a little prayer that he is all healed up in no time and if it's teething, they break through painlessly. My poor little man! Nighty-night!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Such Big Boys!

I can't believe how quickly my babies are turning into little boys! Today we went to the park with my friend Brooke and her son, the boy's best friend Jack. He is exactly a week younger than the boys. We had so much fun and the boys all got to play on the playground toy for the first time! It was so stinking cute! It's so weird to think that just about a year ago we were walking around the park and talking about how fun it will be when they can play together. They really are the cutest little friends, they seem to know each other and like playing together. They went up this little ramp to a platform, with the help of their Mommies, and played with these steering wheels on the platform. After that they all took turns swinging and eating graham crackers and having their juice. I feel like I am going to blink and they will be going off to college. I should have brought my camera, but I didn't. Next time, I will definitely remember!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Is where we spent 2 and a half hours today. We ran to get a few groceries, and everyone decided it was naptime about halfway through. So, Dove and I walked around letting our frozen goods melt so everyone could sleep. It was good though. It wasn't as bad today as it usually is. For some reason the rudest people I have come across have been in Walmart. That is where I have heard a lot of, "I feel so sorry for you!" comments, or "Wow, that must be awful!". That is the one place I have actually had a breakdown by myself. I had the rudest women basically start a fight with me and I ended up crying in the pickle section while the boys slept. That is the last time we went there alone. I seriously don't know what is wrong with people sometimes. How could they look at my children as anything but the gift from God that they are? I guess they just aren't strong enough to handle it themselves. I could take it and move on if it weren't for the fact that they Boys are going to understand what they are saying soon if they don't already. I NEVER want them for a second to think they are anything but good! It breaks my heart to think of the day that I will have to explain why people say things like this. Hopefully I won't have to. On another note, their first molars are definitely coming in. I could feel Brody's really well today and I know it must hurt like crazy. Poor babies. I wish I could take the pain away from them. Let me tell you though that I am one brave Momma for sticking my finger in there. He has 8 super sharp teeth and a bite like a pit bull. I made it out blood free, but I was a little scared. That's it for today, I am going to bed early tonight. Sleep well world!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

First Blog

I hope that I am doing this right. I am new to this whole thing, so bear with me. I have identical triplet boys that turned one a week and a half ago. They are the greatest blessing I could have ever received. I am so thankful for them and so humbled that God felt us worthy to put them in our care. For anyone wondering, they are "spontaneous" triplets. They are identical so they all came from one egg and fertility medicine can not do that. You are probably thinking, "Gosh, you sure have your hands full!" But really it's not bad. It's not hard either. A lot of times I think it's easier than having 3 kids different ages. We just do one thing 3 times where someone with 3 kids does 3 different things 3 times. And they had to be pregnant 3 times. I was only pregnant once for 32 weeks. That is less than 11 weeks per baby. They are really good babies, but they did all have colic, and while it wasn't the most fun time, it was just a part of being a parent. We have never had kids so for us this is totally normal. We don't know any differently. Yes there are times that I can't stand the crying or I want to sit down, but I know that whatever I am feeling will pass. I may only have one chance to experience all of this, so I want to experience all of it. Wow, that was a lot. I tend to ramble on, so forgive me. I could talk about my Boys forever, as long as they are asleep, ha ha! This is me and this is my blog, enjoy!