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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Roles of Mommy and Daddy

A few days ago I was doing a little cleaning when Lex came running into the kitchen followed closely behind by Brody and Collin.

"MOMMY! So and So(can't remember who, but they were a mommy on a show), let the Daddy COOK!"

Me, trying not to giggle, "Are Daddies supposed to cook?"

Lex, "NO!"

Me, "Sweetheart, it's okay for Daddies to cook, you're Daddy just doesn't know how. What are Daddies supposed to do?"

All three in unison, "WORK!"

"And what do Mommies do?"


"What else do Mommies do?", I asked, very curious at where this is going.

Collin, "And Mommy LOVES ME!"

Ahhhhhh....I am fine with that...Have a wonderful day everyone!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Apparently I was unaware of powers that are transferred onto a little boy when they wear Super Hero underwear.

This morning I was loading the dishwasher while the Boys played in the living room. I look over to check on them and Collin is scaling the blinds wearing nothing but his Spiderman underwear. Luckily Spiderman and the blinds survived by the magic of the underwear.

To give myself a minute to finish up and give them a minute to settle down, I put on "Go, Diego, Go!" for them. For those of you who are not familiar with Diego, he is an animal rescuer that talks to animals and swings on vines through the rain forest.(Really cool job for a 5 year old!) Anyway, they are all sitting singing and playing along with the show. Just happen to glance over and Lex(Diego) is swinging from the curtain(vine) over the pass through(rain forest tree). Once again the magic saved Diego and his vine.


I must be the worst Mom ever, because I secretly love it. I love watching them play and being a part of their play. I love pretending that I'm Wonder Woman or the Mommy Orca in the Orca Show!

I do explain to them why it is NOT okay to climb random objects in our house. But I also make them a safe place to play their games. We went to Lowe's and built them vines to swing from(rope) and I'm in the process of building them a new playground complete with two Spiderman webs. I don't want to punish them for their creativity, but give them a safe place to explore it!

However, I am saying a lot of prayers that my superheroes and our house survive in one piece, I am positive we have many exploits to come. :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I am a slacker, I know...(How many times have I written this?) But I have been "encouraged"(not to be confused with "ordered") by my good friend Andrea Goto to put my blogging fingers back on. Thanks Andrea! :) By the way, you should really check out her blog and her "Culinary Coward" articles on, she is as funny in person as she is at the keyboard! ;)

Any who, back to me and my wonderful family! :)

Let's see....what has been happening lately???


Lex, Brody and Collin are ALL OFFICIALLY POTTY-TRAINED!!!


It was AMAZINGLY easy. I did get some flack off and on from various passersby about the boys still being in diapers, but the joke is on them. I waited until they were old enough and boom! They pretty much did it on their own!

I think Target is a little sad about this though, they have taken a huge hit in their diaper sales. I think we've made up for it though by increasing their toy sales. We have bought a LOT of "potty toys"(rewards). It is bizarre to not run up there two or three times a week for a case of diapers...*sigh*....good times! :)

This is kind of a random post, I am being asked about 384 questions while trying to type this, so I will leave you with a conversation the boys and I had the other day. We have completely entered the superhero phase(Daddy is soooo proud)! Here goes:

A, B or C: Mommy can Wonder Woman fly?

Mommy: Yes, she sure can.

A, B or C: But HOW can she fly? She doesn't have wings or a cape...

Mommy: Hmmmm...Gooooood point...I think that's a question for Daddy as soon as he gets home...

Nightie-night all!