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Monday, April 27, 2009


We walked all 6 miles in the March For Babies Saturday!!! Okay, well if you were 2 1/2 you were pushed while you snacked and ate candy, while Mommy and Daddy pushed all 100 pounds of brothers 6 miles around our city.

But it was AWESOME!!!

I love the March of Dimes, I love the March For Babies and I love everyone who has supported us in this event and since the birth our our beautiful preemies!

If you didn't catch it, I was on a local morning talk show last Wednesday, click here!

I am still convinced that I kind of looked like an alien on TV, but it was for a wonderful cause and it was so much fun! Jessica is such a sweetheart and made me feel so comfortable!

Well it is off to bed, I'm beat!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Soooo Nervous!

Tomorrow I will be on Channel 4's Morning News show between 6:30am and 7am. I am so stinking nervous...wish me luck!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Going up?

So, on Tuesday I had a Dr's appointment at 8:45 am. Dove was in class so the Boys and I made the trip solo(okay, technically it was quado, but you get the point).

They were in their wagon and we had to take the elevator up one floor. In one floor we had quite the conversation.

Instantly the Boys noticed our reflection in the polished brass ceiling. They shouted, "Look Mommy, it's Brothers! It's Lex, and Brody and Collin and Mommy!". I said something back and then one of them said and the others starting repeating, "Look, I see TRIPLETS!".

Okay, I never refer to them as triplets, I know tons of people do, but I had no clue they realized they were. I've talked to them about it before, but they never seemed to care.

So in shock, I said, "You're right, there are triplets, are you a triplet?"

Lex replied in his most stern, talk-backing voice, "NO Mommy, YOU A TRIPLET!!!"

I almost died laughing! I couldn't help myself, I know I should have told him not to speak to Mommy, that way, but that was the most random conversation I still giggle thinking about it. It may have been a you had to be there moment, but I wish I could let y'all hear the way it played out. It was too funny!

This was just another second of our life, these Boys keep me on my toes and I thank God for it every chance I get!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Darn You Tricycle Shirt!!!

For the first time possibly ever we had a clothing fight.

As usual I grabbed three shirts in different colors. A red fire truck one, a blue tricycle one and an orange tee. I also grabbed pants, socks, shoes and diapers.

The Boys told me they wanted to go to the "train store" aka Toys'R'Us. They saw the shirts and Lex grabbed the fire truck shirt. Okay, Collin normally wears red, but no big deal, we're chill, right?

I get him dressed and grab Brody and ask him if he wants to wear his tricycle shirt. To which Lex and Collin start squealing, I want a tricycle shirt and making up some song about how much they love tricycle shirts.

Okay, no big deal, we're chill, remember?

I go to grab the other two tricycle shirts(yes, I do have three that are exactly the same and no I do not usually put them all on them at the same time. Honestly Brody is usually the only one who wears them and that way I don't do laundry as much, HA!) and guess what?

I can only find one more.

Sooooo....I got to spend 15 minutes tearing my house apart for the 3rd tricycle shirt that was hanging in the closet. Why would I bother looking there???

So today I say Darn you tricycle shirt!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm proud of you Mommy.

What has happened to naptime?

The last couple of weeks have been rough going in.

My kids are sleepers. They always have been, but lately they are fighting it.

Once they fall asleep it's no problem, these Boys will nap from 3-4 hours. It's just getting there.

Today they were all running amuck in their room so I decided I would gate them in and paint the trim in the hallway.(I was in the middle of painting when I got pregnant and somehow it's never been finished...)

They were so excited watching, so I let them for a few minutes and then I told them to get in bed and not get up until they woke up. I tucked them all in again and hugged and kissed them. While going through this routine with Lex, he put his little arms on mine and looked up with bright, wide innocent eyes and said, "I'm so proud of you Mommy."!


For what, I don't know. Painting the hallway? Tucking him in? Not screaming at all of them that I'm exhausted too and to close their eyes now? Finding the definition of love in those bright green eyes?

You know what?

I don't care what it was for.

My son is proud of me and I am so incredibly proud to be his Mommy.

Life is good.



Who all is out there? I'd love to hear from you if you read my blog!

How about a little meet and greet?

Please leave a comment introducing yourself and how you came across this blog!

Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself on here, lol!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our awesome Daddy!

Dove is the most amazingly artistic man. He works really hard at what he does and in turn is an amazing comic artist, a draw-dropping guitarist, a dedicated Professor and the most amazing Husband and Father a girl could dream of...

He drew at all of my ultrasounds and while the Boys were in the hospital and then did a comic strip about them for the first year they were born. We were looking back and I thought I'd share some...even if you've seen them before!

These are just a few, I'll add more. There are quite a few and it is going to be an amazing keepsake for our Boys.

Thank you Husband! You ROCK!!!