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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Going up?

So, on Tuesday I had a Dr's appointment at 8:45 am. Dove was in class so the Boys and I made the trip solo(okay, technically it was quado, but you get the point).

They were in their wagon and we had to take the elevator up one floor. In one floor we had quite the conversation.

Instantly the Boys noticed our reflection in the polished brass ceiling. They shouted, "Look Mommy, it's Brothers! It's Lex, and Brody and Collin and Mommy!". I said something back and then one of them said and the others starting repeating, "Look, I see TRIPLETS!".

Okay, I never refer to them as triplets, I know tons of people do, but I had no clue they realized they were. I've talked to them about it before, but they never seemed to care.

So in shock, I said, "You're right, there are triplets, are you a triplet?"

Lex replied in his most stern, talk-backing voice, "NO Mommy, YOU A TRIPLET!!!"

I almost died laughing! I couldn't help myself, I know I should have told him not to speak to Mommy, that way, but that was the most random conversation I still giggle thinking about it. It may have been a you had to be there moment, but I wish I could let y'all hear the way it played out. It was too funny!

This was just another second of our life, these Boys keep me on my toes and I thank God for it every chance I get!

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