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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I seriously think the Twilight Zone sucked my house up for a few hours tonight! It all started with me suggesting an early bath...

The next thing I know, Collin has bit Lex and both are screaming. Daddy is in the bathroom running water so I decide to start stripping everyone down to get in the tub. He comes out and joins in.

I got Collin done and Dove got Brody done and they are running around naked while Dove grabs Lex. I am gathering the diapers to toss when I see Brody looking down behind the train table in a funny way. He kept raising his legs and looking disgusted so I thought, crap he must have peed. Right?


He POOPED! Then he stepped in it and tried wiping it off on the floor and side of the train table. :| How he managed to get it in that many places in mere seconds, I will never know. I am trying to keep him from making a bigger mess and wait for Dove to be able to hand me stuff to clean Brody and then the mess up with and keep Indy away when I hear Dove yell COLLIN, ON YOUR PILLOW???

I look up and Collin is standing on the side of the armchair, in his birthday suit remember, peeing away into his bed and on his pillow!

At that point I think I started laughing.

Dove corralled them into the tub while I tried to salvage as much floor and bedding as possible when Brody comes strutting back to put his trains up. On the way back he pauses and guess what, apparently now he has to pee pee. Which he does in the middle of the room on the floor.

Our house could be quite possibly be labeled a biological hazard at this point.

All's well that ends well. Who needs sitcoms in this house???

Night all!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Nuggets, Nuggets and Fries Please!

That is what Collin is saying from his bed right now. I love the baby monitor. They may have that in their room until they move out. The conversations between two year olds are hilarious!

I just ran to their room to check on them and in the two minutes I was there I had Happy Birthday sung to me, got to hear the difference between car and train noises, was almost convinced to let them go slide, and when that didn't work Collin's back-up was playing choo-choo trains. Giggling I told them goodnight. Honestly I thought they were all asleep, the room had been silent for a good thirty minutes before the N/F comment. I love my life!!!

They are so stinking excited about Halloween! We originally thought we would not carve a pumpkin, knives, pumkin guts and 3 two year old boys just didn't really go hand in hand in my mind. We bought a plug in pumpkin at Target and were content with that until the pumpkin patch this weekend. We went ahead and got one and they had been so excited to give it a face since Saturday. Well tonight was the big night. I cut the top out and they were so excited until I reached in and brought out a hand of goo. Not one of them wanted to touch it. They kept looking inside saying, No, No, No. This went on for a good while until I told them that we were going to cook the pumpkin seeds after we were done which prompted Lex to eat one raw. They slowly worked up the courage to help take one seed out at a time. This went on for about ten minutes before I got back in the drivers seat. I then gave the job to Dove and it was around this time that I noticed that Collin and the top were gone. I called his name and heard, "Mmmm mmmm!" He came back in the kitchen munching away on the raw bottom part of the pumpkin top. In shock that he would actually eat this and not the wonderful, yummy meals that I cook him day after day, I sat and watched as Lex also joined in on eating raw pumpkin. Dove and I just started laughing and hoping that pumpkin doesn't make toddlers sick. I will have to admit that I tried a bite and it's not really something I would like to take a bite of again. But hey, it's a veggie so it must be good for you right??? We finally got our pumpkin done and lit to many rounds of Happy Birthday and then 5 minutes of trying to blow the pumpkin out.

It was a wonderful evening, and I really mean that. I am the luckiest Mommy alive!

I am still a little hurt thought that a raw pumpkin looks more appetizing than a plate of spaghetti...night night all!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Rain, Rain go away day...

is what my 3 little men have been singing all day.

My poor Boys, it's been a rough day.

We started out with a trip to the Dr. to get every toddler's favorite thing(drumroll please).................
SHOTS!!! They were out of the Hep A shot at their 2 year check up so we waited until they had the flu shot in as well so we could get both at the same time. They were so brave. I brought them a piece of candy to hold while they got them and then to eat after. Brody barely cried, he was too excited for his smarties. I am very glad that it is over and we are clear of those things for a bit.

We had a big night planned. We were going to go to Oatland Island, our kind of zoo, they were having a trick-or-treating event and we had been looking forward to it for a long time. Unfortunately it was raining when we woke up and it's still going strong so we did not make it out. It is going on tomorrow night also, so maybe it will dry out by then. There are so many festivals going on this weekend, we had planned on having a packed schedule. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little less moist.

I'm tired and it's about time for our weekly ghost show...soooooo night y'all.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah

This is a whine post. I'm tired, I'm cold and I don't want to clean. BLAH! Yay, I got that off my chest. Whew!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Okay, so we did a "trial trick or treat" today and it went pretty good. We found out a few things:
1. Their costumes are a little big so we have to exchange them.
2. They LOVE candy corn.
3. Candy corn makes two year olds EXTREMELY hyper in large quantities.
4. Halloween is going to be AWESOME this year!!!

They had fun, we were torn between two sizes because one is almost perfect, maybe a tiny bit too small so we went with the bigger one. The bigger one has really long legs and I realized this could be really bad for short legs in the dark going up and down steps. Please pray there are still 3 smaller sizes left. They are going to be the 3 Blind Mice and will wear sunglasses/big eye glasses and have canes and cute little noses and whiskers(if they let me) on the big day(s). I think Dove and I are more excited than they are, ha ha!

This video is of our trial run, enjoy!!!
P.S. The tags and hanger things are still on, just in case they didn't fit. That's what is sticking up on their heads!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

Gosh it's been a crazy few weeks! Grandma and Grandpa McHargue have been here a lot trying to close on their new condo here. It's been so much fun spending time with them, we all were very sad when they left! If they ever get to close, they should be back soon though to finish decorating, so we are looking forward to that!

The Boys got a stomach virus a couple of weeks ago and Dove and I got something that really seemed like the flu. It was a rough week! We all got better and then out of nowhere Lex got super sick on Monday. He woke up from his nap completely sweaty and burning up. He had a fever of 103 and couldn't stand up or sit up. He was completely lethargic and started gagging so Brody, Collin and I took him right to the Dr. He threw up in the car on the way. He got an antibiotic shot and a bunch of meds. He kept getting sicker and sicker and Tuesday morning he couldn't even hold his neck up. The Dr's nurse called three times to suggest things and relay messages from the Dr and give him updates. It was really scary. Brody started running a fever and throwing up too, but he was just a little grouchy and still wanted to play. Finally Tuesday afternoon Lex's fever came down a bit and he started asking for something to eat. Neither of the fevers broke until Thursday morning. It was the scariest thing in the world to hold my 2 year old and have to support his neck like a newborn. They still aren't really eating much, but they are getting back to their old selves! Praise the Lord! I think Collin may have had a much milder form of the illness last Saturday. He ran a low fever for two days and didn't really eat much. I'm just praying they get a break and stay healthy for a bit!

My 30th Birthday was yesterday! I had a perfect day! How could I not with the most perfect Husband and Children in the world. I am a lucky, lucky lady! We went out to dinner with a bunch of friends from church and it was just a wonderful day!

I am going to sign off now and watch a ghost show with Dove. The Boys are in bed and it's our Friday night tradition.

I almost forgot, we got the Boys costumes tonight and they are the most adorable things you've ever seen! We will have a preview photo shoot tomorrow, so I'm going to keep you in suspense until then.

Goodnight world, sleep tight!