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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I seriously think the Twilight Zone sucked my house up for a few hours tonight! It all started with me suggesting an early bath...

The next thing I know, Collin has bit Lex and both are screaming. Daddy is in the bathroom running water so I decide to start stripping everyone down to get in the tub. He comes out and joins in.

I got Collin done and Dove got Brody done and they are running around naked while Dove grabs Lex. I am gathering the diapers to toss when I see Brody looking down behind the train table in a funny way. He kept raising his legs and looking disgusted so I thought, crap he must have peed. Right?


He POOPED! Then he stepped in it and tried wiping it off on the floor and side of the train table. :| How he managed to get it in that many places in mere seconds, I will never know. I am trying to keep him from making a bigger mess and wait for Dove to be able to hand me stuff to clean Brody and then the mess up with and keep Indy away when I hear Dove yell COLLIN, ON YOUR PILLOW???

I look up and Collin is standing on the side of the armchair, in his birthday suit remember, peeing away into his bed and on his pillow!

At that point I think I started laughing.

Dove corralled them into the tub while I tried to salvage as much floor and bedding as possible when Brody comes strutting back to put his trains up. On the way back he pauses and guess what, apparently now he has to pee pee. Which he does in the middle of the room on the floor.

Our house could be quite possibly be labeled a biological hazard at this point.

All's well that ends well. Who needs sitcoms in this house???

Night all!


K A R I™ said...

Lucas did something similar once as far as the whole poop thing goes and Lucas week he peed in the living room 2x!

Fun times

Krystyn said...

Oh, Amber, that is too much!