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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Darn You Tricycle Shirt!!!

For the first time possibly ever we had a clothing fight.

As usual I grabbed three shirts in different colors. A red fire truck one, a blue tricycle one and an orange tee. I also grabbed pants, socks, shoes and diapers.

The Boys told me they wanted to go to the "train store" aka Toys'R'Us. They saw the shirts and Lex grabbed the fire truck shirt. Okay, Collin normally wears red, but no big deal, we're chill, right?

I get him dressed and grab Brody and ask him if he wants to wear his tricycle shirt. To which Lex and Collin start squealing, I want a tricycle shirt and making up some song about how much they love tricycle shirts.

Okay, no big deal, we're chill, remember?

I go to grab the other two tricycle shirts(yes, I do have three that are exactly the same and no I do not usually put them all on them at the same time. Honestly Brody is usually the only one who wears them and that way I don't do laundry as much, HA!) and guess what?

I can only find one more.

Sooooo....I got to spend 15 minutes tearing my house apart for the 3rd tricycle shirt that was hanging in the closet. Why would I bother looking there???

So today I say Darn you tricycle shirt!

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