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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Roles of Mommy and Daddy

A few days ago I was doing a little cleaning when Lex came running into the kitchen followed closely behind by Brody and Collin.

"MOMMY! So and So(can't remember who, but they were a mommy on a show), let the Daddy COOK!"

Me, trying not to giggle, "Are Daddies supposed to cook?"

Lex, "NO!"

Me, "Sweetheart, it's okay for Daddies to cook, you're Daddy just doesn't know how. What are Daddies supposed to do?"

All three in unison, "WORK!"

"And what do Mommies do?"


"What else do Mommies do?", I asked, very curious at where this is going.

Collin, "And Mommy LOVES ME!"

Ahhhhhh....I am fine with that...Have a wonderful day everyone!


Krystyn said...

Oh, the stereotypes start so early, don't they? It's hilarious that they picked up on it!

Amber said...

I know Krystyn, I was shocked! LOL! It's so funny how their little minds work! :)

Anonymous said...

And exhibit "A" (points to gut) is how awesome Mommy is at cooking.