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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I am a slacker, I know...(How many times have I written this?) But I have been "encouraged"(not to be confused with "ordered") by my good friend Andrea Goto to put my blogging fingers back on. Thanks Andrea! :) By the way, you should really check out her blog and her "Culinary Coward" articles on, she is as funny in person as she is at the keyboard! ;)

Any who, back to me and my wonderful family! :)

Let's see....what has been happening lately???


Lex, Brody and Collin are ALL OFFICIALLY POTTY-TRAINED!!!


It was AMAZINGLY easy. I did get some flack off and on from various passersby about the boys still being in diapers, but the joke is on them. I waited until they were old enough and boom! They pretty much did it on their own!

I think Target is a little sad about this though, they have taken a huge hit in their diaper sales. I think we've made up for it though by increasing their toy sales. We have bought a LOT of "potty toys"(rewards). It is bizarre to not run up there two or three times a week for a case of diapers...*sigh*....good times! :)

This is kind of a random post, I am being asked about 384 questions while trying to type this, so I will leave you with a conversation the boys and I had the other day. We have completely entered the superhero phase(Daddy is soooo proud)! Here goes:

A, B or C: Mommy can Wonder Woman fly?

Mommy: Yes, she sure can.

A, B or C: But HOW can she fly? She doesn't have wings or a cape...

Mommy: Hmmmm...Gooooood point...I think that's a question for Daddy as soon as he gets home...

Nightie-night all!


Andrea Goto said...

Welcome back! And thanks for the "snaps." Looking forward to reading about what really goes down behind your closed doors (and hoping for a random picture of the interior...).

K A R I™ said...

We are well into the Super Hero phase here... the favorite changes from day to day too... The Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Hulk, Batman....

Anonymous said...

Super Heroes aren't a "phase" for men Amber! We are talking reality here.


Amber said...

Thanks Andrea! :)

Love it Kari! :)

And you are absolutely right Charlie! Dove is still a super hero, lol! :)

Krystyn said...

Awww...congrats to the boys and the potty training. You saved yourself a ton of work and heart ache.