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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Can we sleep tonight?

Poor Brody has been sick for the last few days. Running a low fever, not sleeping well and really cranky. He has gotten so many teeth lately and I can feel his one year molars so I thought that is what has been going on. Today he has been grabbing at his ear all day though and his fever was a little higher, so I will probably take him to the Dr in the morning if he is still not well. He has also not been able to sleep at night for the past couple of nights, which mean Mommy and Daddy have not been able to sleep either. Or for that matter, Lex, Collin and Indy as well. I gave him Motrin around 6 and he was asleep by 6:45, so we will see. If you get a chance say a little prayer that he is all healed up in no time and if it's teething, they break through painlessly. My poor little man! Nighty-night!

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