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Monday, January 5, 2009

Quotes and Fun Facts!

Tonight while in the bath, Lex said the cutest thing and I told myself I would write it down. Our days are filled with things that I want to remember. I get so caught up with what we are doing that even though I mark it in my head when I get a sec to jot or type it, I go blank. So tonight if not for your enjoyment, but for my own in the future I am jotting it down.

Here goes!
(Okay, now that I've built it up, it may not be so great to you, but boo to you, I'm sure you tell these stories about your kids too!)

Lately they have been really into pretending with their toys. Animals, trains, anything they grab ends up having a full conversation, usually concluding with hugs and kisses.(I just realized they never make them fight, 1 point for Mom and Dad!) Each of them have a Thomas, Percy and Salty bath squirter for the tub. They usually make them talk to each other and tonight was no different. Lex was holding Thomas and had just dunked him in the bubbles, brought him up and exclaimed "OH NO cried Thomas!" He actually said "cried Thomas". It gets more funny every time I think about it! He was so serious and it was as if he were narrating a Thomas show or reading a book! Maybe we'll have a little author on our hands!!!

A cute fun fact for you too! They all LOVE to sing. They know every word to more songs than I can count. Brody could hold a microphone and sing to you all day and he will. He will also let you know when it is okay to cheer and appalause for him. When he is ready for the song to end he smiles really big and starts chanting sszz sszz sszz sszz... And we know we are good to go, no clue how he came up with that, but it actually comes in handy sometimes!

Not to leave Collin out, here's one about him. His newest thing is not only telling you what he wants, but what he will do with it. Examples: He asked for his milk and when I told him okay, he'll say, "I drink it with mouth!" He also today said "That car loud" to which I said, "Yes it is." He replied "I hear it with my ear!" He has also been known to let me know that he watches a show with his eyes and so on! I think that he is very smart to realize that all of these body parts actually have a purpose and aren't just random things!

So there, I few little facts about my Boys.

Now for my Big Boy. Today Daddy went back to work. YUCKY! We are all really sad that Winter Break is over, but we are so grateful that we do get to spend so much time with him. God blesses so much! I don't talk about Dove enough, and I don't tell him enough, but he is an amazing Father and a more amazing Husband. Anyone who can put up with me for as long as he has, deserves a medal! We all love you so much Daddy!

Nighty-night all!

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