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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I have decided to de-clutter our house.

We have so much stuff and the clutter is making me CRAZY! I want to do this. I need to do this. My problem is that I see the entire mess and get overwhelmed and frantically work on a million things instead of doing one small thing at a time. So that is how I will de-clutter. I have picked one small area a day and will do that. When I am feeling crazed, I look at my un-clutter area(s) and feel the calm, lol. Hey, whatever works!

Anyways, my project today was the top of the refrigerator. It was going great! I got so much stuff thrown away and put in it's right place. Under the piles of madness I found things I hadn't seen in years. Including a confetti gun.

I saw it and thought, "The Boys would LOVE this!".

I climbed off the chair I was standing on and called excitedly to them to join me in the living room. I remembered shooting it off and it just being a tangled mess of long streamers that shoot out and fall to the ground.

No big deal, right?

I told them it would be loud, pointed it in the air above the middle of the room and...


Smiling and watching their excited grins, it took me a moment to notice the hundreds of teeny tiny pieces of shiny, glittery, metallicy goodness that were slowly fluttering towards my floor. And the ten million toys that were littering it already.

I barely had time to process this when the cheers erupted. "I want to do it Mommy!", THAT "WAS AWESOME MOMMY!", "Do it AGAIN Mommy!"...and on and on.

I looked around and my first thought was, "Daddy's going to be not so happy".(He's not a huge confetti guy, especially inside..)

I giggled and agreed that it was pretty stinking cool. I told them we couldn't right now, I didn't know it would make such a big mess. They sighed their disappointment and went back to playing.

5 minutes later I called out, "Who wants to shoot the confetti?"

Lucky for me, there were three shots left.

I needed to vacuum anyways, so no harm done.

It was fun, really fun.

So if you have a confetti gun, take a few minutes and make a mess. It will be worth it...especially if you have three little boys...night night.

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