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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Ventacular Spider-Man!

Superheroes are a BIG deal in our house right now, and they have been for awhile. I guess technically they have always been a big deal in our house, considering one of the first presents I gave Dove was a real Batarang. There is also fact that he is not only a comic book artist, but a Professor of Sequential Art, aka a teacher of comics. :)

Now that Daddy has three little minds to warp, they are an even bigger deal. I mean, the man not only bought a bullwhip 2 months early for his Indiana Jones costume for Halloween, but he watched YouTube videos and taught himself how to crack the thing in as many ways as humanly possible.

And I am not hating on him or his bullwhip. I secretly love it. You see, he has such passion for everything he does. From music(if you haven't heard him play guitar, you are seriously missing out) to comics, to whip-cracking, to whatever he takes a fancy to, he throws himself into it 2000%. And it shows.

I already see that being instilled into my boys. They don't halfway do anything.

Including superheroes.

Collin has been trying desperately to get bitten by a spider for several months. Any little injury immediately becomes a possible spider bite to change him into Spiderman. He had a temporary tattoo on his hand that after a couple of days had a place worn off in the middle. He informed me that it was a spider bite and pretty soon webs would start coming out of it.

Any sticky hand in our house gives said owner of hand superpowers to climb walls, cars, curtains, basically anything that is vertical. Also thanks to Spiderman.

At least 20% of every day is spent in some type of superhero costume.

Yesterday we visited Target dressed as Superman, Batman and the Flash. They walked through with their heads held high, repeatedly telling us how everyone was so happy that the Justice League was there to protect them. They all posed together for a few photos and left the store knowing they had done their duty well. The citizens of Target were kept safe.

As we are heading home they break out in song. "The ventacular, ventacular, ventacular Spiderman!" It's so hard to hold the giggles inside, even though I have heard this same rendition a million times. It should be, Spectacular, spectacular, spectacular Spiderman!

But you know what?

I like ventacular better. And I will bite my cheeks raw if I have to, to hold the giggles at bay. This is such a special thing for all of my boys to share. To watch my Husband, their Daddy share his love and passion for this with his sons.

Watching The Justice League(ABC) take on Brainiac(Dove) 20 times a day is one of the coolest things ever.

I'm a lucky lady.

I have four superheroes watching out for me.


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Jodi said...

I LOVE this. Not only do I have 4 year old triplet boys PLUS an awesome big brother, but we are ALSO wrapped up tight in superhero thrall. Sam repeatedly demonstrates how Spiderman shoots his webs, and Will (my Thomas obsessed triplet) tries to argue that Choo Choos can be superheroes, too. I wouldn't trade it for anything. :)