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Friday, May 27, 2011

"Who took my curly claw???"

So ABC and I were playing "Who took my curly claw". Basically I run around shouting that and they laugh hysterically while they run away and lock themselves in the bathroom to hide. I hide somewhere and wait until they come out and jump out and surprise them and repeat the whole process over and over.

The game was going really well, we'd been playing for about 45 minutes and the excitement was just building and building. Until it got quiet in the bathroom.

I waited right around the corner and nothing. Just as I was creeping towards the door about to have them open it I heard it slowly swing open.

I jump out surprising them and shouting, "YOU TOOK MY CURLY CLAW!!!", and while I'm speaking I catch a whiff of the intense aromas wafting from the bathroom. I then see Lex holding a roll-on soap/bubble bath body paint, painting his stomach. Then I notice the's looking a little wet and strange. So I nervously ask, "Ummm, boys, what were y'all doing?"

"Oh nothing Mommy, just shampooing our hair." *Big smile*

"Okaaaay, that doesn't smell like your shampoo, what did you use?'

Pointing to a now empty bottle, Lex says, "Oh just that one..." and nervously adds a "tee hee" *big nervous smile*

Hmmmm, "that one" that he was pointing to happens to be my "Sleep" Aromatherapy Bubble Bath with Lavender.

What to do???

I look at each of their proud, yet nervous smiling faces and I crack up laughing.

So what that I am now out of bubble bath?

So what that I now have three four year old boys that smell remarkably like a 90 year old woman.

So what that said four year olds now have a very interesting hairstyle, complete with a bubble or two.

So what that their tummy's are now canvases painted with soap body paint?

So what???

Now we have a funny story that we will all laugh about 30 years from now. And laughter brings us together, laughter throws it's arms around us and makes us a family. Laughter makes our hearts lighter.

We laugh together and I gently tell them that we only wash our hair and stomachs, with water and soap, in the bathtub.

Bath time tonight will be a little quicker...
and a little bubblier...

Have a great day! :)

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