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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I don't feel good enough very often. Honestly. Constantly there is a little voice in my mind telling me I'm not pretty enough, skinny enough, patient enough, funny enough, clean enough, fun enough, rich enough, healthy enough, I could go on all day. Today I stood crying over the kitchen sink after having a super rough day, going through the list of how not enough I am when I heard a gentle whisper in my ear.

YOU are good enough.

Just as you are.

Instantly I thought, No, I'm not. Maybe if I were nicer, or skinnier or more fun or better at cleaning. Maybe if I decorated better or ate healthier or didn't yell sometimes. And that voice whispered again,

No, you are good enough right now. Right now. This very minute.

Immediately all of the negative thoughts were gone and I was shaken to my core with the knowledge that I am ENOUGH right now. We all are. 

So where ever you are, what ever your not enough's are, God loves you and says you are enough right now. It's time we start listening to His voice and not our own.

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