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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Alright, alright!

Okay, I have been SUCH a slacker, I know.

Once I got a little behind, I felt bad and kept putting it off and off.

I am back now. I'm just gonna go with it!

We are such busy little Boys now! Today we went to a Birthday party at Bouncing Angels and ended up meeting our friend Jack and we all stayed for 6 hours.

Yes, 6 Hours of bouncing, running, sliding, laughing and whatever merriment 4 almost three year olds can come up with.

At 4 we drew the line and we all went out to dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse. We made it home around 6 and my little men were bathed, and asleep at 7:30.

It was a fabulous day!

They played so well and had so much fun!

I am going to go pass out now...I need to rest up to see what tomorrow shall bring...


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