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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meat, action and so much more!

For months, every toy we've seen has elicited the same response, "I want this for my Birthday"!

Now that said birthday is only a few days away, I gots nuthin.

There have been so many exciting things that they want so badly. And then they are out of sight, out of mind. Until now.

Today marked them actually telling us things, they REALLY want. They even told a friend something that they actually do want and have wanted for awhile.

This is the list I have compiled as of today:

Toy Story 3 Lego Train
Lego Mack
Whoo Hoo and Opie(GeoTrax)
Cracked Bridge
(I just re-asked him and he replied, the cracked bridge, that's it.)

Real Falcon that eats meat(been on the top of the list for awhile now)
Phineas and Ferb Guitar
Batman Castle

Video Game
Kratt Brothers that can go in the pool and have a tent.
Guitar with great action(my personal fave from his list, Daddy beamed with pride and let out a holla upon hearing this...)
Lizard that can go in the pool

So wish me luck, this is a pretty interesting list. Hopefully they won't be disappointed with the lack of real animals they receive.

Nightie-night! :)

1 comment:

K A R I™ said...

Have fun shopping! :-)

I am still at a loss as to what to get them!?!