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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back to work!

Today Dove went back to work. We are so blessed that he has the job he does and can be home so much, it always stinks though when he has a couple of weeks off and has to go back. We miss Daddy like crazy when he's not here.

I don't know what is going on with my sweet little men. They have been so grouchy lately. Lots of fighting and whining. I feel like I'm getting sick today and almost lost it when I told myself, remember you are going to miss this one day soon. I got a second wind and we had a good lunch! I can't wait for the "terrific twos" to kick in, ha ha!

They are so funny though. They all LOVE the letter B for some reason. They love it so much so that Collin now says his name is B-Collin. I need to get it on video, it's hilarious. He spells his name Bcollin when you ask. Brody is such a little ham, he is always doing silly things and making funny faces to make you laugh, definitely my class clown! And Lex, that boy thinks he is the boss of the world and loves it! He is so sweet though too, he is always hugging his brothers, Indy, Mommy, Daddy and everything else. He loves group hugs and when he finds something he "loves" he has to hug it. Including the outside and juice(in cups without lids and with).

They are freaking out so it's time to go. Good night!

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