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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A big day!

We had such a big day here today! This morning when the Boys got up I asked them if they wanted to go to school today. They were so stinking excited! They were ready to go, jammies and all. We got their backpacks ready and they couldn't wait to leave! They were so excited about their backpacks and having their names on them. They kept running around yelling, "Backpacks and names, SCHOOL!!!". It was hilarious!

We finally went and they were so happy, they didn't bat an eye, just started playing with all of the toys and everyone there. They didn't care that we left at all. I called to check on them and they were happily playing on the playground and when I went back to get them, they were so excited to show me all of the toys, they didn't want to leave!

I have to tell you though, that I missed them like MAD! I didn't know what to do. Our house was sooooo quiet. I wanted to go get them every minute, but I cleaned like crazy and actually took a long shower to pass the time instead. Hey, I even shaved my legs! Look at me, I am almost a girly girl again, ha ha!

We also went to the pet store tonight and they picked out their fishies. They each got a shrimp and a guppy. Lex's is orange, Brody's blue and orange and Collin's is yellow. They love them and watched them all night. We even had to cut our bath short to go back and see the fishies. I must admit, I have been staring at them off and on since they have gone to bed.

Speaking of bed, I need to go there myself! I'm worn out tonight! I am going to try to add pictures of their school adventures and then go nighty-night. Sweet dreams everyone!

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Kelly said...

Ahhh they are getting so big. Look at them ready to go to school. It is nice to have some time to yourself. It is too quiet sometimes though and I get bored by myself.