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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Really, what else?

Ugh, of course you would know that I would start getting sick the day Dove left! I started coughing and it was getting worse, so Monday afternoon I made an appt because I can so not be sick right now! The Boys and I went at 9:15 this morning and (they were the hit of the office and very well behaved) were very promptly put in a room and saw the Dr. As soon as she listened to my chest she got concerned and had me keep breathing in and out. I told her I was dizzy and it had been hard to breathe the night before. She said you have bronchitis and you are getting a breathing treatment right now. She left and got that and came back and said you are also getting a steriod shot and going on about 5 pills! So after the treatment and the shot I am also on an inhaler, a cough medicine, a decongestant/antihistimine and two antibiotics. Fun, fun! At least I went when I did, I was getting worse fast and it would not have been pretty if I had waited longer.

With all of that, I am going to bed. I am worn out and definitely need to rest every chance I can get. There aren't too many, but that's ok!

We still miss Daddy and are counting the days until he gets home!

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Krystyn said...

I hope you start to feel better pronto!