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Thursday, February 12, 2009

And the Mommy of the Year is...

You guessed it!

Little ole' ME!!!

How I came to accept this fabulous title is the story you are about to read...

(Can you feel the excitement in the air???)

Here it was, just a typical Thursday. We spent the morning bouncing our heads off at our favorite jumping ground, Bouncing Angels. After a pizza lunch and a few more slides we decided to call it a day.

With the promise of M&M's leading them, my three little angels skipped to the car. I safely secured them in their seats, gave them their reward(I know, I know. Bad Mommy, M&M's AND pizza? Well, they had pretzels and fruit too, so we're good.) and their water cups, started the car and turned on the a/c. I then grabbed my phone, why, I don't know and hopped out of the car pulling the door to behind me.

This is where the weird time shift starts.

As I pulled the door closed, time froze and I saw my door was locked. How could that be??? I always click it open TWICE to make sure it's unlocked. I then saw that the passenger door was locked as well. As I grabbed the van's side door I had just shut I heard the dreaded, CLICK!


I LOCKED MY THREE KIDS IN THE CAR WITH IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHO does that???

(hand raised) ummm, I guess that would be me...

I look in the window at them and they are all just smiles happily eating their treat.

I tried every door to no avail. I burst into Bouncing Angels to announce to the owner and my friend my predicament they instantly called Pop-A-Lock and got them on their way. The owner came out and we took turns playing peek-a-boo through the window.

I tried my best to explain the situation to them, basically shouting at the top of my lungs so they could hear me. I think I also informed half of Savannah of my actions and got a few well-deserved "crazy lady in the parking lot" stares as well. I re-assured them that all was well and we would be on our way soon. After a few "ready to GO's" from them, they fell asleep.

Praise the Lord! No tears, no fights, just M&M's and Zzzzzzzzz.

Shortly after, my hero, the Pop-A-Lock man showed up and reunited me with my sleeping brood. He commented that I was very calm and that most people are freaking out. I commented back that the a/c was on and they were asleep, so I didn't need to really worry at that moment.

The second he left I had to hold back the bile rising in my throat. It hit me.

They are okay and that's all that matters, but man I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THAT!

*sigh* *deep breath*

All's well that ends well.

I may be getting a necklace to sport an extra key or two though. I need some new bling. Maybe that could be my medal...


Krystyn said...

Glad that ended well. My spare key is downtown, but fortunately, I had the kids with me when I locked our keys in the car.

We now have a program that will come and assist us.

And, I think you can call 911 if your kids are in the car.

I'm glad the boys are okay...and hopefully, you've forgiven yourself.

K A R I™ said...

Glad that everything turned out okay and you survived with your humor intact!

Hey, maybe there is an upside to the fact that Lucas can now unbuckle himself from his carseat...

Mike said...

I'm glad everything worked out for you. Pop-A-Lock will open your car for free if your kid(s) are locked in the car. We will actually put other customers on hold to come assist. In most cities, if you call 911, they will still call Pop-A-Lock to assist the emergency responders.

Carey B. said...

I'm just glad I was able too assit you as quickly as I could, and the fact you were so calm about the whole thing. Hope things go well for you and your family.

- Pop-A-Lock Guy

(a.k.a. Carey)

Lyndsey said...

Yikes! I know just how scary that situation must be unfortunately. I've never locked the kids in the car before but Abby locked ME out of the house just today!! I could have done with your awesome pop a lock guy then!