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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Help save Babies!!!

You may have noticed my March of Dimes Fundraiser Bar on the side. Dove, the Boys and I will be walking in the March For Babies here in Savannah at the end of April. We started walking the year we had the Boys and this will be our 3rd event!!!

We are and were so incredibly blessed that Lex, Brody and Collin are so healthy! They were born at 32 weeks gestation, 8 weeks early. Lex spent 18 days in the hospital and Brody and Collin spent 19. They are such fighters! They all weighed less than 4lbs when they came home! Can you believe that??? It's so hard to imagine my 30 lb Boys that small! But they were. Normally a preemie is delayed physically and developmentally. Once again, our Boys have amazed everyone and are advanced for their age. We are so, so grateful for them and their strength and health.

Not all preemies are so lucky. So many babies are born too soon. We expected it with our Boys, but many people don't. The March of Dimes has provided so much to give these babies a chance. 20 years ago our Boys may not have had much of a shot. Today they and other babies due thanks to the March of Dimes. They fund research that has been crucial in giving babies born early a fighting chance. They provide so many resources for parents thrust into a terrifying world. Imagine your 3lb baby and much smaller hooked up to tubes, respirators and machines.

These are babies that can fit their entire wrist through your wedding band. These babies deserve a chance. The March of Dimes is dedicated, dedicated to improving the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.

Please help us help them.

Sponsor us.

Lex, Brody, Collin, Dove and I thank you from the absolute bottom of our hearts.

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