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Friday, February 13, 2009


First of all, thank you so much Carey(aka Pop-A-Lock hero)!!! You totally saved the day yesterday! For those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about, read yesterday's post.

I need to take a minute to let everyone know how wonderful this company is! My first reaction after locking my children in the car was to call 911. My Mommy friend and the owner of Bouncing Angels told me we needed Pop-A-Lock instead. They called them and told them what was going on and gave me the phone for the car details.

The woman I spoke with was so sweet and efficient. She even stayed on the phone with me and explained the process while we waited for an ETA. Shortly after, Carey came and saved the day in under 3 minutes. It was ridiculously quick. I think it actually took longer for me to watch the door lock than it did for him to open it! No one made fun of me or pointed out that locking them in the car is not the best idea in the book. They were very understanding and reassuring.

And guess what else????

It was FREE.

That's right FREE.

They drop everything(so if you had to wait here yesterday afternoon, sorry, my bad) and come rescue your children and they do it with a smile asking for nothing in return.

That is this Mommy's idea of a wonderful business! It is so nice to see a company do something because it is a good and right thing to do, rather than just for financial gain. I will tell everyone I know what a wonderful company this is and I hope they are your first choice if you find yourself on the wrong side of your keys.

Thank you so much Carey and the Pop-A-Lock family, you ROCK!!!


Krystyn said...

Good to know. Thanks for the info.

Sarah said...

wow! FREE! that is great!!