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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


In our house we have throw up bowls. We keep at least one in the Boys room under one of the beds. It has come in really handy. We put the others in there if needed, but there is always at least one available.

Tonight I asked them if they wanted to go do something to which Lex responded, "No, I want to throw up!"

I was walking out of their room when I heard his response so I turned back to see him finish up his reply by grabbing the throw up bowl, setting it on Collin's bed and pretending to throw up for a few minutes.

Seeing how much fun his brother was having, Brody joined in.

Realizing they were leaving someone out, they asked Collin, "You want to throw up?".

These Boys may have a serious shot at acting, they are very convincing.

By this point Dove had come in and we just stood in the doorway and laughed ourselves silly.

Nighty-night all.

1 comment:

Jeanna Bryson said...

too funny....Philip-Mark calls it "spit"...and says "I no spit---oohh yuck spit, nasty!!"