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Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have my first toothache ever. I teased Dove about how pitiful he acts with one and let me say to everyone...I owe you a HUGE apology Sweetheart!!! This is absolutely AWFUL!

Wish me luck, I have an appointment with the Dentist at 9 in the morning. Pray that it's not too painful...for me or our wallet!

We had our small group tonight and I am so thankful for our friends. I really look forward to Thursday night and the Boys definitely do. They are so incredibly social. They LOVE having friends come over. They got to meet Baby Joseph tonight. The two week old addition to our group. He is soooooo sweet! The Boys were in complete awe of him and so was I. He is beautiful!!! We are so grateful for his family and him!

The throbbing is making me loopy, so nighty-night all!


K A R I™ said...

Hope everything goes okay with your dentist appointment!!!!

Sarah said...

Hope thing went well with your appt Amber! I hate going to the is definetly NO fun. and congrats to your friends new baby! It's always so fun when the other members of your small group have kids...we have one due any day now plus 2 more baking in the oven! each due 3 days really is an exciting time.
hope you all have a great weekend!