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Saturday, November 15, 2008

A great day!

Today was hectic. We had a million things to do and my head felt like I had been in a boxing match. We were on our way downtown by 8:30 and after the Book Festival, Dove's rehearsal, a Birthday Party and errands we finally got home a little after 2:30. The Boys and I took about an hour nap and then we headed to Target and the grocery store and ate dinner around 6:45.

But you know what?

It was a wonderful day!

As I sat at the table laughing with my family, I felt so incredibly lucky and so content. God has given me so much. And I am so incredibly grateful.

I love my family. I love laughing with them, singing with them, crying with them. Every minute with them is the most precious gift I have ever received.

I may never be anything more than what I am right now, and that's perfectly okay with me. Because I have it all right now. My life may not be recorded in history, and that's okay. Because it is recorded in my family's hearts.

Today was just your average hectic day but it was ours and that makes it priceless.



K A R I™ said...

We got stuck in the rain at the Book Festival and in the middle of trying to run the several blocks to our car one of the wheels of the stroller broke.

If something like this had happened pre-Lucas day it might have ruined my day but experiencing it with Lucas made it into an adventure. He thought getting caught in the rain and getting soaked was THE GREATEST THING EVER.

marnie said...

I love how you find the joy in everything. You are inspiring!

Sarah said...

funny how just normal days can remind us of how much we are blessed! thanks for sharing Amber! I'll be hugging Luke extra tight tonight.