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Sunday, November 23, 2008

A minute or so of our life...

We had to make another trip to the Dr today. It was a good thing we went though, Lex has the green ooze now and Collin has an ear infection. Both have green ooze out of the nose as well. Hopefully now all three of them will be feeling much better in a few days.

We did go up to Target at the mall to get their prescriptions filled and while we were waiting we rode the Christmas Train for the first time this year. They LOVED it! They couldn't stop talking about it. I have a feeling we will be taking many trips on that this year!

We came home, ate dinner and hung out in their room for a bit before bath. Collin put his Thomas underwear on over his pants and diaper so I broke out the camera. I took a few videos, so I'll share this one with y'all. It's a little dark, but I got some of them singing. They sing all day! They know so many songs I can't even keep track anymore. Who knows we may have the next Hanson, ha ha!

I totally spaced on adding this yesterday, but Lex woke up from his nap and went pee pee on the big potty!!! We haven't really been working on potty training, so this was awesome! We should probably start soon, but I wanted to wait until after Christmas. Maybe we'll do one at a time. Who knows, lol. I'm in no rush. I'd be happy if they stayed babies forever, so when they're ready, I'm ready!

Enjoy a minute and a half of our life!


K A R I™ said...

I hope they are feeling better soon!

Where in the mall is the Christmas train? I need to be prepared and have cash on me or avoid it at all costs LOL. If Lucas sees a train and he can't ride it he is going to have a MELT DOWN!

Sarah said...

I hope they feel better soon too. and seriously....could those boys BE ANY CUTER?? I love their songs!