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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oh peas!

Mommy made a mess! UH OH! Mommy dropped it!

Yes I did. We were getting stuff out of the fridge to make lunch and Mommy knocked over a full bag(open, thank you Daddy :/) of Steamfresh peas! And of course they poured in slow motion all over the floor of the kitchen and the inside of the fridge.

As my mouth went down in a frown, I watched three little boys eyes widen and big smiles cross their faces. I don't know what was more exciting, watching hundreds of little green balls bounce everywhere or realizing that Mommy made a BIG mess. I couldn't help but give in and giggle at their excitement.

Just then I saw a look cross Collin's face and before I could stop him he started stepping barefoot all over the peas. My first reaction was to tell him that was not what we do with spilled peas and he was making a bigger mess. My second reaction was to see what he thought of squishing peas with his toes. I also started taking off my socks ready to make it a fun pea squishing game.

That is until I saw the new look on his face. The gross one.

Apparently cold peas don't feel so good on bare feet, even two year old ones.

Secretly I am a little disappointed. In those 20 seconds I thought I might get to join in, I had visions of it being some kind of therapeutic foot massage treatment.

Oh well it brought joy to my hungry little men and gave our Indy some fresh greens, and I got to see how many peas we are getting for our money.

It's a good deal!

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The Wikoff Family said...

This post is hilarious! Makes me think twice about how i sometimes react to stuff like this that happens to me - so thanks! Loved it! - Tricia